Thursday, August 30, 2007

Still No Baby

Apparently Tex is very comfy in his current location.

I think that perhaps God wants me to know what it is like to have a pre-term baby, an on time baby, and a late baby. I'm having a hard time seeing any humor in it but I am dealing and trusting God for the timing of Tex's arrival.

Jon was 10 days late and his mom said that he was a very laid back and easy baby. I am praying that Tex will be like his daddy!

Starting Tuesday I will have start doing non-stress tests every other day until he comes. Basically I get an ultrasound to make sure there is enough fluid and they run the electric fetal monitor to make sure the baby's heartbeat sounds good. Hopefully this will all be moot since this baby will be coming before Tuesday (I have to say it in faith!).

I am hoping that the baby comes today or tomorrow because my favorite midwives are on call.

I promise I will make a post when I am in labor to let y'all know so you can pray.


Dawn said...

So exciting! Loving the suspense! Thanks for the update, Amelia. I was thinking you'd probably post when you go into labor. You have an avid readership!

Anonymous said...

guess you will have to shell peas---Billy was,according to the Doctor ,in those long ago days thee weeks late--any way my mom and grandma and I were sitting on the porch shelling peas for canning,my grandma who was holding a bowl and a lap full of unshelled peas suddenly put down her bowl and peas ,turned to my mom and said we have to go to the hospital,Belva is in labor,how she knew before me is still a mystry,must have been shelling peas love you lots thought maybe you need a laugh-gramma

Sharon M said...

I heard about a restaurant that is famous for its eggplant parm sending women into labor. Check out the website that has their recipe here. Just a thought; these last couple of weeks can be tough!

Anonymous said...

Alright, it is September first, Baby Tex!! Now that little guy has decided to wait and be eligible for a whole different school year, I say it's time to take your grandmother's advice and start shelling peas! ;-) I was many weeks late and finally came after my mom had a lovely dinner of a Whataburger hamburger...if you're looking for other ideas... teehee

Dawn said...

Be sure to watch that Friends episode where Rachel's baby is late too. It's so funny. :)

amelia said...


Thanks for the link. I think I will try it. Mom said she would make it for me. I just set up an appointment for a pregnancy massage on Tuesday at noon....I think it will help me emotionally and physically. Hopefully I won't need it BUT if I am still pregnant on Tuesday then it will give me something fun to look forward to.

Dawn--I need the laugh so I think I will put that in tonight! Thanks!

Dawn said...

Okay, I know this is the corniest thing ever, but you HAVE to have Tex on Monday.

It's Labor Day!