Sunday, August 05, 2007

Aren't Daisies the Friendly Flower?

I love daisies. Gerber daisies are my favorite flower. Remember the line Meg Ryan says in You've Got Mail...."Don't you just love daisies? They are the friendliest flower." (or something similar to that anyway) Well, I agree. Daisies are happy and inviting. As I have been going for walks around the neighborhood I have been admiring other people's yards. These daisies are the ones that my eye is always drawn to.

Someone had already done landscaping in our yard but some of it has been neglected and overgrown. Our yard needed some color and some friendliness added to it. I added 6 daisy plants and 4 impatiens. We have a mangly, overgrown rose bush (under the flag--which by the way is now a Texas flag hanging proudly!) with red blooms and a pink peony plant. I thought the color scheme would go well together. I love walking up to my house and passing by all the friendly flowers. It makes sitting on our porch swing even more enjoyable than it already was.

The cool thing is that the daisies will come back every year! pretty!


Amanda said...

I love that movie! I often think of that movie line too. Joe's niece is named Annabelle Fox. I didn't mind my daughter being associated with her character. Its a fun movie.

Your daises look great!

mamabrown said...

The flowers are so very pretty. You did a great job of clearing out that overgrown plant or weedy thing that was there. It probably wasn't a weed but just something unfamiliar to me since most of my knowledge about flowering vines is what could grow in Texas. Alas, my northern knowledge of flowering plants is a big zero.

Marie said...

Ok, so I have to ask...did you really replace your US flag with a Texas one? How'd that go with your neighbors?

The whole Texas flag thing is funny to me. I don't know if I EVER saw a California flag flown at someone's home in CA. A few businesses would have it, or gov't buildings, maybe, but never someone's home.

Then again, we never said the CA pledge of allegiance.

amelia said...

We really did change the flag!

The neighbors haven't said anything. They probably think we are weird. The Texas flag has been passed down from other fellow Texan seminarians so we felt like we wanted to show our pride and keep on with the tradition!

I think I have more Texan pride than American pride anyway so it suits me just fine ;).