Thursday, August 16, 2007

37 Weeks

Here is the most recent belly picture. I am 38.5 weeks now so I am planning on taking another picture. I want to compare and see if I have dropped any. I had an appointment today and I am still at 38 cm which either means the baby has dropped or every midwife measures a little differently. I have been 38 cm at my last 3 appointments.

I am having lots of Braxton-Hicks and am just playing the waiting game. The midwife today joked that since I had a pre-term baby and an arrive right on the due date baby that this baby might be post dates. Kinda hard to laugh at that one. I am ready to have this baby but I am also trying to keep an open mind that every pregnancy is different and Tex might wait until after his due date to come. He'll come when he's ready--that is the most important thing. If we get that far I'll have some posts on how we want to handle a "late baby".

I am looking forward to see who wins the poll!


auntjay said...

Don't you handle a "late baby" the same way you do a kiddo who breaks cufew? By grounding them? Just kidding!!! We all want him to come when it is his time but those of us who have been in your shoes know that when you are ready for the little one to make his appearance you are ready NOW! Feelin' your pain sister (okay, not the physical pain but you know what I mean). Love you!

Anonymous said...

I like your belly...but why no smile? I know your ready, we just need to wait on Baby Tex.
Kim Demaree

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful.


Kelsey said...

You look gorgeous. I really hope that's how I look with the next one at 38.5 weeks! Congrats for getting this far, I think your diligence and research has really paid off. I hope he doesn't wait until after his due date!
I kind of think he'll come the week of his due date. Do you have any "feelings" about it? I always thought Levi would be early and he was...
I love the picture of his corner in your room... looks like you guys are ready!

Tina said...

Play Hide and Seek with the kids -
Hollar come out come / we KNOW where you are to Tex! :)

I think I already missed my poll date!

Sharon M said...

Do they (the midwives at the birthing center) do exams "on the inside" to see if you're effaced or dilated at this point, or do they just check the measurement of your tummy?

We have a dr appt tomorrow (monday) to see if the baby has finally flipped or not. Last time we went she was still breech at 35 weeks. I think Julian was late in flipping too but I honestly don't remember.

My hubby is hoping your baby will be born tomorrow, but I'm thinking the 25th. It seems like a nice, round number :-)

amelia said...

They don't routinely do exams to see how effaced/dilated you are. If I wanted them to they would. It is pretty pointless since a lot of women go around dilated at 4 or 5 cm for weeks before labor. It wouldn't really tell me much, although I have been tempted to check myself and see what I can tell.

I don't think the baby will come signs of labor other than frequent Braxton-Hicks. I think the 25th sounds nice. Actually any day before the 26th would be great--and if my labor started after a full nights sleep too. Ha!

If baby girl still isn't flipped and you need suggestions on turning a breech let me know....

How are you feeling anyway? Before you made it back to the states I prayed for you every time I felt hot! I am glad you made it back safe and sound. Still praying for you friend.

Jamie said...

I am sitting here watching the nightly news and one of the segments made me think of you. They discussed an increasing trend of women who eat the placenta after giving birth. They say it's completely natural, animals do it, and it eases post-partum depression. Ever heard of this and any thoughts? It sounds gross to me.

amelia said...

I have heard of is a fairly normal conversation in the "natural-crunchy" world. Some women freeze dry their placentas and encapsulate them. It is supposed to help with post partum depression.

Eating a portion right after the birth is supposed to help with postpartum hemmorage--but it definitely carries more of an "ewwwwwwwww factor" when eaten fresh in a milk shake.

I think animals probably eat their placentas to eliminate the birth smell from possible predators but maybe it helps them with pp hemmorage and stops bleeding after birth too.

If you want to read some testimonials about it you can check out and go to their forums and do a search. I was reading about it recently on the forums. I think for women who have severe pp depression and don't want to take other meds it would totally be worth a try.

We are taking our placenta home with us from the birth center but I have no plans on eating it. :)
I am going to freeze it and either a) use it in class as a prop for anyone who wants to see one or b) take it out next summer when we make our garden and use it as fertilizer. Yummy! Haha!