Friday, August 10, 2007

The Dust Ruffle

So here is Tex's baby corner in our room. I got the Aloha quilt from Pottery Barn Kids that I have been eying since Isaac was born. I have a hard time buying stuff from PBK because it is so overpriced but the blanket that came with the bedding I had for Ewan and Isaac was too fluffy and not very practical. I gave that away and my mom got me the quilt. I thought that since the winters here are so gray that I might enjoy having a beach theme for the baby. Once Tex has his own room then we will decorate it a little more in the Hawaiian/beach theme but for now his little corner works. I think we will go to Party City and get something cheap and cute to hang on the wall over his crib--you know a glittery parrot or something. Haha.

Anyway, back to PBK. The dust ruffle that went with the lovely quilt was $60! I could not buy it--well, couldn't let my mom buy it. All it was, was a white dust ruffle with a 4 or 5 inch red and white hibiscus print (from the quilt) sewed along the bottom. I thought that I could surely make something for WAY less than 60 bucks! I found a $5 dust ruffle and 1 yard of red and white hibiscus material for $10 on ebay. All it was going to take was some sewing and patience (mainly for my sewing machine which is a whole otha' post!) So, maybe my dust ruffle isn't as perfect as Pottery Barn's but it is close enough and I am proud that I finished it.

See a picture of the PBK dust ruffle here to compare.


Anonymous said...

I love red! This is fabulous. You did an awesome job!!!!!!

ceciliabrie said...

you're brilliant. and the truth is that some mother on the other side of the world did exactly the same thing you did to make the one PBK is selling.

Anonymous said...

Excellent job, Amelia! I'm amazed at the great match on the red fabric! Plus, Baby Tex will have something his Mama made just for him, which will be precious regardless of what sewing machine you had to use. :-) Love the Canada and swimming pics...glad you are getting a chance to float a bit! love, Monica

Amanda said...

You did an awesome job on the dust ruffle!! I am proud of you for completing it! I have some extra fabric from our curtains to put on the bottom of my dust ruffle, but I never did it. I think you have just inspired me to actually complete mine. Good job on yours! :o)

Mimi said...

Good job!!! It looks great -- I love the Baby Tex corner. Maybe you need a Texas flag or an armadillo or a Dallas Cowboy banner on the wall instead of a parrot. :-)