Friday, August 10, 2007

The Coolest Swimming Spot EVER

On the recommendation from some friends we went to Raccoon Creek State Park. The park has hiking, camping, fishing, and best of all a beach for swimming. The water is roped off and is shallow for quite a distance which makes it great for taking little kids. The best part: IT'S FREE!!! We have been a handful of times--I was hoping we would find more time to go but with Jon's class, still getting all the transition stuff in order, and rain we haven't been as much as I (or the kids) would like.

It is absolutely beautiful there and so fun. Floating in cool water feels luxurious at this point in the pregnancy and of course the boys can climb on me more since they are also more bouyant in the water.

Both boys have learned to float in their swim vests and can steer themselves in any direction. Ewan can paddle around and Isaac is finally more comfortable around the water. The last time we went swimming he wanted to float by himself and try to swim around. Swim lessons are on our list of things to do this winter!

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ceciliabrie said...

amelia, you are SO BEAUTIFUL! i'm so happy to see you so happy.