Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ewan's Party

Here is Ewan's superhero cape! They turned out great--although if one were to look close at my sewing abilities they would be appalled. Thankfully 2-5 year olds aren't too picky about that sort of thing. Each child had their own initial put on the cape.

Here is the Spiderman cake. God apparently wanted to use the cake to teach me about the "good enough". I couldn't get the icing to turn bright red like I wanted it to--although it finally (after LOTS of food coloring) turned kinda red. It looks more red in the picture than it really was. After I make the web part I realized that I should have make the round black circular part in a frown shape rather than a smile shape to make it look more like a spider web. As soon as I realized my mistake I started crying, thinking that it was a failure of a cake. Jon quickly pulled me aside and said, "Honey, look at how excited Ewan is about his cake. He doesn't even notice that it would have looked better the other way. He is happy and that is all that matters. If he sees you upset he will get upset. Don't worry about it, it looks great!" I needed to hear that. He was right. If I put aside my desire for perfection and looked at the absolute joy and excitement on Ewan's face about his cake I could hear the Lord speaking to me. "Have grace for yourself. Be OK with the good enough. You are loving your son well already--it doesn't have to be perfect for him to know that."

Here is the Superhero Shooting Gallery. All the superheroes got to practice their shooting skills
with squirt guns by shooting dixie cups off of a music stand.

Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the super deluxe cool Spidey candle.

Eating cake and ice cream.

Opening presents. We won a lot of power rangers off of ebay. We got the idea from our friends and it was a great idea! Ewan loved all his presents!

Splashing around in the water table and pool. Isaac didn't want to wear his superhero cape and was content to play with the water table during the party---although he did like the shooting gallery and bad guy hunt. We had all the superheroes hunt for "bad guys" (aka cheap army men) I had hidden in the backyard.

Splashing around in the pool after cake and ice cream.

Ewan also got a red power ranger bike helmet and army rain boots. He has been wearing them both non-stop to play in. What a cool combo!


The Herd said...

You did so awesome on the cake! --it's so creative!! I thought the web was perfect they way it was!! I love seeing the looks like you guys have a lovely home.

Anonymous said...

What a FUN party! How cool to do a superhero party for all boys! I bet Ewan even remembers this party when he grows up. (including the COOL spider web cake...) It looks like you and Jon really did a great job making the day so special.
Big hugs to the birthday boy (and little bro, too!)

mamabrown said...

Hey sweetie, the party pictures are terrific. You did a great job with the capes, cake, and the party theme. Ewan looks happy as a clam. His rain boots and helmet are great - he is so handsome. The little boys looked like they were having a lot of fun too. Wonder why Isaac didn't want to wear a cape? Isaac looks content to play with the water toys. Happy birthday looks wonderful.

Darlene said...

Awesome job Mom! Looks like alot of fun!