Friday, June 29, 2007

What a Sweet Big Brother

I am so proud of my firstborn son. He is already proving himself to be a protective big brother to baby Tex. We took the kids to The Midwife Center earlier this week to get them familiar with the birth center.

The Midwife Center (TMC) has 3 stories but is also very thin. The first floor has the 3 birthing rooms, the 2nd floor has the waiting and exam rooms, and the third floor is administrative rooms. As we walked in there was a sign up that a mamma and baby were sleeping which means that there was a birth there in the last few hours. I told Ewan that we needed to be quiet walking up to the 2nd floor so as not to disturb this new baby and its mamma. He said very quietly, "Mom, I can't wait to meet our baby and see him."

This is a side note:
We have talked with him about possibly being at the birth. Ewan is super excited about this but we are still trying to figure out how to work it out logistically. I think that Ewan would feel so bonded to this baby and would think the world of being at the birth. The only glitch is that in order for him to be there he needs to have a special friend to look out for him the whole time. We are concerned that he will be too demanding of Jon's attention and will constantly pull Jon away from his duties of being my labor companion. My mom is planning on coming up and she would be an ideal friend for Ewan but again Ewan may ignore her to demand Jon's attention. We would also need someone to hang out at the house with Isaac but we don't know anyone well enough to ask them to do that. What if I labor in the middle of the night? We aren't sure if we want to wake Ewan up and take him down to the birth center in the middle of the night. Who would we call to come and stay with Isaac in the middle of the night? I want it to work out but we don't have deep enough friendships with enough people to ask so much from them. Any ideas? It is something I am praying about.

Back to the original story:
I laid him down for bedtime last night and we talked again about the baby. He mentioned again how excited he is to meet his baby brother and shared about how he wants to hold the baby and give him lots and lots of kisses. He asked if it is okay to tickle the baby too. I don't know where he got this phrase but he said he would help "shush him down". Ewan is very curious about how much the baby will talk and cry. He thinks that if the baby cries then he needs to "shush him down". I should have asked for clarification about what exactly shushing him down entails but I think it has something to do with telling the baby not to cry. Ewan also pointed out that it is very important for me to carry him in the sling and to feed him. My 3 year old is telling me how to mother?

Now that my belly is so obvious I think Ewan is more attentive to the baby. Ewan knows that the baby will come soon and that my belly will only continue to get bigger. One of the last things he does before going to bed is to give me hugs and kisses. He also give baby Tex hugs and kisses by lifting up my shirt, kissing the belly, hugging it, and lastly praying for the baby. The prayer usually goes something like this, "God (looking up at heaven and hugging my belly), please help baby Tex to grow big and strong. Amen." Isn't he sweet?


Tina said...

Sweet just like his parents! How did your appt. go?

amelia said...

I haven't found out the results of the 3 hour test but as soon as I do I'll let everyone know.

Anonymous said...

Sweet boy. Always has been, though. :-)

Miss you and so wish I was closer to help with the boys when you go into labor. Sigh!

By the way, I love how Ewan even refers to the baby as "Baby Tex" in his prayers. Such precious memories, and just imagine how much God enjoys answering those simple, heartfelt prayers from big brother?

Love and miss you all,

Sharon M said...

"My 3 year old is telling me how to mother?"

To be fair, he IS almost 4 :-)

Hope the test went well and everything comes out OK.

Sarah said...

Hi Amelia. It has been fun to read of your new adventures! We've thought about you guys often.
- sarah maney