Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day 3

Well, we made it. Both boys got fevers of about 101 and were pretty miserable the second part of this leg to the house. We were all pretty tired.

We did drive through a teeny-tiny part of West Virginia on this trip too. I didn't realize we were going through WV until the last leg of the trip.

We got here and made it to Target to get air mattresses, sheets, towels and enough groceries to last for breakfast and lunches.

We were all totally excited to have finally made it after all the planning.

The boys picked out their rooms and ran around the house getting familiar with their new territory.

We decided that we should all sleep in the same room until our "stuff" gets here so we have been piling in the big room on the second floor (soon to be the master bedroom with a sitting area).

We ate dinner, gave the boys some medicine, and went to bed.

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