Tuesday, June 19, 2007

But I'm Not Too Widdle

Isaac is becoming such a big boy these days. In all of the transition of moving we decided to move him to a big boy bed and out of the crib. Originally we wanted to wait to move him until he was closer to 3 years old but since he had been sleeping on hotel beds and air mattresses and doing well on them we figured there was not much reason to go back to the crib.

Isaac has reached an age where he loves to do and say anything that Ewan does--with one exception--I think Isaac has learned how to avoid getting in as much trouble as Ewan by disobeying (notice I say as much). He still gets his fair share of time outs. A lot of the time Isaac will join in on Ewan's jokes, questions, demands, or follies. Basically, Isaac does not realize that he is younger than Ewan and honestly, sometimes it is easy to forget that he IS younger than Ewan because their language skills and pretend play is so similar.

On Sunday, Father's Day, Jon thought it would be fun to let Ewan watch some of Star Wars Episode I with him while Isaac was still napping. Jon thought that Ewan was old enough to start getting embedded with Star Wars culture and that the only thing that might possibly scare Ewan was Darth Mall (or however you spell it). Ewan got to see some of the movie and really enjoyed it. He thought Jar Jar Binks was super funny and loved all the space ships and "funny animal guys".

When Isaac got up from his nap the first thing Ewan told him was that he got to watch a fun movie about space ships and funny animal guys. This, of course, sounds incredibly appealing to Isaac who also likes space ships and funny animal guys. Isaac turned to Jon and wanted to know if he could watch the movie too. Daddy had to tell him that he was too little for now. Isaac is in the middle of figuring out what is scary, pretend scary and real scary.

As I was laying Isaac down for his nap today he said to me out of the blue, "But I'm not too widdle to watch the movie."

Mommy: What movie?
Isaac: Star Wars
Mommy: Hmm...
Isaac: Mommy, I'm a big boy--I'm.not.too. widdle.
Mommy: Oh, Isaac, you are such a big boy in so many ways! You sleep in a big boy bed, wear big boy underwear, and go peepee and poopie in the potty. But Ewan is older and there are some things he gets to do now that you don't get to do yet.

It is tempting to try to let him join in on the fun but I think it would be wise for us as parents to allow his mind to develop more and give him time to have a better understanding of pretend vs. reality. Like I said, sometimes it is easy to forget that he is 1 year younger than Ewan and what a big difference it is developmentally.

For now I relish those sweet moments of conversation and hearing that 2 year old sing-songy voice with the lisp, w for y sounds, and d for t sounds, and w for l sounds. My "baby" is going to be the big brother soon--the middle child. He is going to seem so much bigger than he is once baby "Tex" is born. It seems likely that once Tex comes that Isaac will also begin to see himself as bigger than he really is and that it will be harder to convince him otherwise. Those will be good times. Good times.


Grace said...

what a cute story. boys are SO cute, aren't they?

tex =). believe it or not, john was considering naming Caleb's middle name TEXAS.


amelia said...

Jon was trying to convince me that this baby's 2nd middle name should be Texas too! Hahahaha! I almost gave in but I still had the cringe factor when we said the whole name out loud.

His argument was that it was manly--I know he had a few others but that is the one that sticks out. We finally decided on a different 2nd middle name though. Whew!

Jon Parker said...

I think John and I are cut from the same cloth! I am still holding out a little bit of hope that our Baby Tex will really have "Texas" as his middle name! Votes? Anyone want to chime in? His name would be "(First name) (1st Middle name) Texas Parker". Tell us what YOU think!

Anonymous said...

I love Texas, must say, but have to side with Amelia on this one, Jon. Sorry!

By the way, the "I'm NOT too widdle" story just melted my heart. Sure do love those sweet boys.


Dawn said...

okay, i've seriously been thinking about this possible "tex" name, and here's what i've concluded (and remember, this is just my opinion): "tex" would be a great dog's name. i don't mean that to bash the idea of naming a son "tex" - 'cause for some people this could work. i like it. but if you get a dog for your boys in the future, tex would be a great name for him because it'd recall where y'all came from.

BTW, i've decided that i want to name my next dog "Steve Carell" - just like that - not "Steve" or "Stevie" or anything, but "Stevecarell" as his name.

i'm looking forward to finding out what name you do select for your third son. i guess you'll be finding out our pick soon too!

amelia said...

Hey Dawn- I love the idea of naming a dog TEX! What an awesome idea. Texas as part of this babes name is out. It has been officially decided but we still like to call him "baby Tex" for fun. I think the trick will be getting the boys to call him by his name rather than baby Tex.

The only sticker about a dog is that I am planning on getting a girl dog--but who says she can't be named Tex? I still have a dream to own a 3 legged dog and that seems like a good name a dog with 3 legs.

I want your meet your next dog named "stevecarrell"!

Dawn said...

Ha ha ha, I'm imagining the 3-legged female dog named "Tex" - reminds me of that line in Top Gun when the girl asks Maverick, "Did your mother not like you or something?" - if you do ever find that 3-legged female dog, it'd probably be less cruel to name her something like "Lady" or "Lassie" or "JuliaRoberts" or something flattering.... :) this is a funny conversation.

Yeah, I'm liking the SteveCarell name. Before we got our dog Livvy, we were dead set on having 2 male dogs, a yellow lab named Chester and a beagle named Strider. But that all changed when we got our lab-mix, a girl. We chose to name her Olivia Benson, after our favorite Law & Order detective, and it's Livvy for short. But she's not as smart as her namesake. We've taken to calling her BDA lately (Big Dumb Animal).

After the babies we're not so sure about getting anymore dogs soon; MAYBE another dog, a boy, and we'll name him Stabler (Olivia's handsome partner). And there's always hope for our future goldfish, Bernard & Wiggins, pronounced with a British accent.

Alright, I'm done now. Have a good night!

amelia said...

This is a funny conversation!

I actually want a Rhodesian Ridgeback female dog--with 4 legs. I have wanted a 3 legged dog for a while now--I mean, someone has to love the 3 legged dogs of the world, ya know? I thought Tex would be a good name for the 3 legged dog, regardless of whether or not it is male or female.

I have more boy dog names than girl dog names but since I am overrun with boys in this house there is no argument that a girl dog is in the works.

I don't know when we will actually get this dog. It seems like too much to get a dog and a newborn at the same time--plus, we don't have a fenced backyard and Ridgebacks are sight dogs like Greyhounds so the results of seeing a squirrel could be disasterous!

I guess I have to stop having babies before we can get a dog :(.

I like your philosophy of pet naming though. We just got some new fish whose names are "Stripey" and "Freddie". The boys and daddy named them.

BDA is a better nickname than I have heard before. My grandma and grandpa had a dog they called "b*tch" cuz' they didn't like her much. She didn't last too long.