Saturday, June 23, 2007

In Case You Work at a Women's Clothing Store....

And you happen to see a very pregnant woman browsing the non-maternity clothing section, out of kindness to the woman please do not say to her, "Can I help you with something?" then look at her belly with child and follow up by saying, "Oh, we don't have anything that will fit you--it looks like you are limited to handbags, jewelry, and shoes." It doesn't make the pregnant woman feel very good--or like she will want to shop at your store ever again.

Yes, this happened to me today. I don't think the woman was trying to be rude but it came across as rather offensive. I know I am a sensitive person but there was a little something in her tone that bothered me.

Jon said I should have looked down at my belly and acted shocked as if I didn't know I was pregnant until that very moment. If only I thought quicker on my feet....The only response I managed to give was, "Well, sometimes it's nice to know what is out there."

Anyone else have any other ways to respond?


nicapamela said...

such terrible customer service!

i think jon's response is funny. i would have said, "well i won't be pregnant forever." : )

and i agree, it *is* good to know what is out there.

Amanda said...

maybe you weren't shopping for yourself. geez. i don't think you are wrong to take offense or to never shop there again. I don't shop at stores where I feel I been ignored, because I am not dressed to the nines or wearing a lot of make up. that is how I became a fan of Origins one day. They were super nice to me after having been ignored or not helped in other stores.

i wouldn't have known what to say if that had happened to me.

amelia said...

Pam--I think saying what you said would have gotten the point across--why is it easier to think of better ways to respond later??!!!

allison said...

OUCH! That is so rude. It is so frustrating to interact with people who have contempt for you as a parent, pregnant mommy, and/or especially your child(ren). We were on a train once (the tube, in London) and Carter was sitting pleasantly beside me, chatting like a three year old. The man next to me was SO bothered! It was like he was sitting next to a smelly ogre or something. As soon as the seat next to him opened he scooted over, only for Carter to decide the armrest between us (the one touching me, not grumpy man) was a motorcycle and he made zooming noises. I only let him do it for a minute, and honestly part of me did it to spite the man. He got all huffy and shook his head at Carter. Cheer up, British guy! You were a three year old too, once!

Kelly said...

If it's any consolation, I probably would have gaped at her as my mind raced for how to respond to such an assinine comment! Jon's is dead-on funny and just "smarty" enough to possibly make her think. Remebering my shopping experiences while pregnant, I'm afraid my pregnant-hormones would have wanted to either pop her in the nose or instigated a tearful and rapid departure. Maybe you SHOULD go back there and look through the non-pg racks again and have something prepared to say (not so much mean as though-provoking). You may do the ladies there some good in bettering their p.g.-relational skills.

chin up, chikadee! You're one hot mamma, no matter what a salesgirl says!

Kelsey said...

Duude. I would have gotten upset if that happened to me. What did she think you'd say? "Oh, thank you so much for reminding me. Holy crap, to think I would've actually bought these clothes and tried to wear them!"
People can be so dumb.
I wouldn't go back to that store if I could help it.

auntjay said...

I think you should do the "Pretty Woman" thing. Go back into the store and say "Remember me? I was in here and was looking for a gift for (insert name of someone else here) but you so kindly informed me that you didn't have anything that would fit me. I just wanted to let you know that I will be shopping elsewhere. Well, I have to go. So much money and so little time." Make sure you smile really big as you walk out! I don't think quickly on the spur of the moment either and I hate that! Jon and Alex are exactly alike - witty comments always ready....I think it must be a Parker trait.

amelia said...

Hey Aunt Jay--

I LOVE that idea!

Actually, I think I am going to go back to the store tomorrow (I have a chiropractor appt. tomorrow and it is basically across the street from the store) and see if the lady who "helped" me is working. I think I am going to tell her that I was offended by her comment and that I was so shocked at the time I didn't really know how to respond but after thinking about it for a few days I thought she might want a few tips on how to serve pregnant women. If she isn't there then I will talk to another worker and/or write a letter to the store manager. I thought she might actually be the owner of the store. I'll let everyone know how it goes!

mamabrown said...

Hi Sweetheart,

What an ugly ogre to say something so mean! I can't believe a sales person would say anything like that to a customer. Especially to such a beautiful pregnant lady like you! You are so beautiful that she was just wishing she could be that pretty, pregnant or not! I do think you should say something to the owner or manager of the store because if the "sales" person continues to say such snide and mean things to the store's customers, there won't be any customers in the long run. I guess it might be funny to them then....? What in the world has happended to politeness and kindness?

I love you dearly and just wish I could have been there.

Dawn said...

for what it's worth, i'd probably end up doing the letter thing myself. props to you for going back to confront! (not easy)

auntjay said...

Don't we all love our moms? They make us feel so good! Saying the sales girl was an "ugly ogre"....only a mama can get away with referring to someone as Shrek. I love you Janet!

Erica Rodriguez Maier said...

I really enjoyed reading about your moving adventures...brought back memories for me when my fam and I went to Memphis 2 or 3 years back. My sis-in-law lives there and we visited Graceland, Sun Records, etc. too.. so fun, huh? Looking forward to hearing more about how you're getting settled into your new home! When is the baby due?

amelia said...


We totally loved Sun Studios--I wish we did get to go on the tour.

The baby is due on August 26th. The tricky thing is that Jon finishes summer Hebrew on August 17th and starts a full loaded semester on the 23. He also has orientation the 16-21st. So basically we are hoping the baby comes after the 17th and before the 23rd. It probably won't be as big of a deal for him to miss some of orientation.

I am going to post some pictures after we get wall hangings up. We are definitely getting there!