Thursday, June 14, 2007

Don't Pack the Potatoes!

As we were unloading the truck--i say we--I was directing people on where to put things. Someone walked by saying, "something is leaking in this box and it stinks". As he walked by I got a whiff and boy was it stinky! I thought that something jarred from the pantry had broken and gone bad but couldn't think of what would make that smell.

The boys needed constant supervision and were also very clingy so I couldn't go into the house without them following me. They needed to stay out of the way of the unloaders. My mom graciously took on the challenge of checking out the foul smell from the box.

She opened the box to find a bag of potatoes that had gone putrid. Apparently they don't do so well in a hot truck. Thankfully they were sitting on top of a breakfast in bed tray (a Mickey Mouse one from when I was a kid) and the putrid juice landed in the tray and managed to peel almost all the paint off. I don't think it will be a collectable item any more. As soon as she opened the box all 3 floors were filled with the horrific, gagging odor of rotten potatoes. She threw the box outside (where it still remains) and tried cleaning off anything the puke potato juice on. The only item that was ruined was the Mickey Mouse tray. If that tray had not been there to catch the juice it would have leaked through the box and stunk up the whole truck and probably ruined whatever boxes were underneath it.

As I was clearing out the pantry and fridge I thought--its potatoes--they last forever. Well, apparently not so when you move across the country DON'T PACK THE POTATOES!


Dawn said...

Good tip! :)

auntjay said...

Glad you all arrived safely! Sorry 'bout the virus....I didn't know they were sick!!! The girls miss you guys terribly (okay, the boys more than you and Jon...sorry). They want to come and visit soon and so do Alex and I. We have had to look at the map to see where you live many times already. Love to all! Julie (Aunt Jay)

Kelly said...

Glad to hear you all arrived safe and sound. How nice that God's blessings even extend to a conveniently placed tray to collect gross potato juice :) Hope you're having fun!