Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Move

The truck is packed and on its way to our house. Jon, 3 of our friends, and his dad helped load the truck this past Saturday. Jon, one of the Jarrods (there were 2 helping), and Josh stuck it out the whole day. They other Jerryd and Jon's dad had to take off at various points. They started at 9am and finished at 6pm. I have pictures but unfortunately packed my picture downloader thingy mabob so I will have to post pics later. I think one of the things that saved the day was that Jarrod had forearm forklifts. Those things helped the guys get the heavy stuff out of the house so much easier than just lifting it. I highly recommend them. It was a very, very long day but everything got on the truck and we had about 6 inches to spare--praise the Lord!

We left the house on Saturday around 7 pm and it was pretty messy. We were planning on going back on Monday to clean the house, do touch ups, get the carpets cleaned etc. Wouldn't you figure that on Sunday we were sitting in church and get a phone call from the showing service letting us know that there would be a showing Sunday afternoon??!! The house was a disaster with trash all in the kitchen (from when I cleaned out the fridge----peeeee-ew!) and messy carpet. Nothing for 2 months and then someone comes to see the house on the worst possible day. We haven't heard any feedback from the visitors. We do have a potential rental situation in the works but nothing definite yet. We should be hearing from the potential renters soon.

Monday was spent doing all sorts of errands and mostly cleaning the house and getting it back in tip top shape.

That takes me to Tuesday...and the next post.....

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