Thursday, August 03, 2006

So Much to DO!

Hey everyone!
I can't wait to post pictures about our trip to Canada. It was awesome and relaxing! Unfortunately I am super behind on emails, catching up on our budget (boooo)and doing my Bradley® final (bigger boooooo!) and I taught 2 classes this week instead of 1. One of the couples from my series needed to finish sooner than the series would end so we are doing an extra class a week. So, as soon as I start making some headway on my to do list I will post some pictures and some commentary. I have to say, I can't wait until I get that final turned in! That thing is just breathing down my neck and adds a low level of anxiety to my life every day. I guess I should stop procastinating and doing fun things like blogging and get my bootie in gear and start working on all those essay questions! Bye!

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thelins said...

ack! i hope jon's been taking care of the kids while you study! good luck!