Friday, August 18, 2006


Why does 100+ degree weather bring out the worst in me? Me and the kids were getting home just as Jon was heading out the door to spend the evening at Baylor (which is almost 2 hours away). He was trying to talk to me about some plans for him to meet with students at their planning retreat to have a super cool New Student Outreach. I was concerned about getting the groceries and our new fish out of the blazing car and hurrying fast because the kids were whining in the car the last 10 minutes about being hungry and wanting a snack NOW. Well, try to calmly explain to a 3 year and 2 year old (basically 2--acts like a 2 year old, anyway) that we have to wait a few more minutes and we can get a snack. The 3 year old can wait but the 22 month old just doesn't completely understand the concept quite yet.
I felt grumpy that Jon was trying to get me to decide something I didn't have time to think about (and knowing he couldn't dilly dally getting out the door to make it to his meeting on time)while taking care of the aforementioned scenario. I snapped at him and gave him a lousy kiss as he was leaving. Sigh.
Then of course I get freaked out because (here is my morbid mind) what if he got in a freak car accident and died on his way to this meeting? I would be widowed and left feeling horrible that I didn't cherish those last few moments together because I was flustered over something totally dumb. Who cares about a $1.50 fish that might get overheated if your husband is killed in a car crash? Hungry children can get a snack in a few minutes and they will be happy.
I remembered to pray and ask forgiveness for my crummy attitude and pray that Jon gets to and from his meeting safely.
He did call for directions and even though I didn't get a chance to say I was sorry for my crummy attitude, I helped him get his directions with a great attitude and told him I love him.
Back to the hot seems like it sucks the life and grace out of me. I think we have about 6 more weeks of this oppressive heat. ---Of course I know that the sin in my heart is what makes me respond that way--not the heat--but the heat helps bring it out.
Ready for the cool weather to come......

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thelins said...

yikes! 104 degrees?!?! that's really insane...

are evenings pretty hot too??