Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Diaper Ammo!

Look closely at this picture. It's diaper ammo!

Corn should not be allowed to ANY child under the age of 10 in my opinion. Obviously, Isaac thought this corn was soooo good it was worthy of sucking on the cob to get every morsel off of it. Well let me tell what happened later.....that's right, you guessed it...what goes in MUST come out. Oh, it came out all right---

in 7 movements!

Never again people, never again. At least until he is 10--or out of diapers at least.


thelins said...

haha we'll keep this in mind!

(btw, isaac DOES look sooo delighted with his corn in this pic!)

Dawn said...

my husband would say he was "stuck in a movement that he can't get out of", misquoting the U2 song.