Thursday, August 10, 2006

A word about the humidity in Canada

This year it rained a lot in Canada. Of the 12 days we were there, I think there were only 4 days it didn't rain at some point during the day. Do you remember the Friends episode--The One in Barbados? The one where they go to hear Ross speak at a conference and Monica's hair swells to the size of an afro? (I would post a picture if I could find one.) I think my hair was trying to compete for volume. I wore a bandana on my head every day to keep the frizz level down. When I packed I decided not to bring my hair dryer and straightener. I am glad I didn't bring it because there is no way my hair would have stayed straight.

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Dawn said...

I totally saw that Barbados episode last week! Monica's hair was hilarious and all their jokes at her expense were brilliant. Then she went and did the cornrows, remember? (We've been renting every season of Friends thru netflix) - anyway, I understood your hair dilemma!