Monday, July 17, 2006

Viva San Antonio!

We had a great trip to San Antonio Thursdsay, Friday, and Saturday! I was reflecting on our trip and I had a small revelation. I realized that the time period of community after college is when many people develop lifelong friendships. We had a homegroup at our church that we were a part of. All of us were newly married, had been out of college for a few years, didn't have kids, and many of us were connected through InterVarsity. We were with each other as we adjusted to married life and then bonded even more when we started having kids. We have great affection for each others children in addition to the friendships that we have with each other. These are the people that we invited to be godparents to our children, that we have laughed with and cried with, been camping with, and shared many, many meals with. They were our family in San Antonio when we lived there and our life would not have been as rich as it was (and is) without them. So, to my friends (The Odles, The Castros, The Wattses, The Lelands, The Fords, Leslie)....I have great love and affection to each and every one of you and I am so glad to have you in my life. Here are some highlights from our trip.

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thelins said...

hahaha Isaac is sooo cute - I just want to squeeze him! And wow, Ewan has really grown up to be quite the little hottie =).