Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Little Language-Master

Isaac has always been a very verbal child. He's not always the most talkative one in our house (he has stiff competition for that title), but thinks and processes words a lot! (Don't tell Ewan, but Isaac reads better than he does, even though Ewan is over 1-yr older.) When he was just 18-months old (or less?), he used to speak to us in 3 or 4 word phrases. Anyway, in the last 12 hours or so, he's had two verbal high-marks that I wanted to share:

1. Last night, we were reading an old, "X-men" comic book I have (one of 4 comic books that survived my childhood). He looked at the cover and new that it was about the X-Men, but practiced reading the title anyway. "X...Men," he said very slowly. I praised him for his reading, but I was also pretty sure that he was just pretending to read (which is fine) since he knew that's what the title was supposed to say. So, I challenged him, "Isaac, what does that word say?"
He started sounding it out (with me pointing to each letter to help him focus, and learnt o look from left to right): "kuh, lll, aaa, sss, iiii, k... Classic!" "RIGHT!" I exclaimed. I was SO proud. That's a big word for a 4-yr-old to figure out on his own.

2. Just now, Amelia was taking a shower and let Isaac watch some Sesame Street. I came down from studying to check on him. "Watchya watching, son?" I querried. Isaac excitedly replied: "Dad a predi-ga-ment is a when you have a problem." "A predicament?" I clarified, shocked that he might actually be saying this big word. "Yah, a predicament [this time correcting his pronunciation], a predicament is when you have a problem but when you get out of it you don't have a problem anymore..." "Yah, that's right. I got it. Thanks for telling me!" I replied with a grin...

I just had to scribble this out for you all. My son is SO smart!! (All my sons are smart, of course, but I wanted to especially delight in Isaac right now.)

I wonder how he will exhibit this trait in the future? It'll be fun to see!


Daniel said...

Those are awesome stories.

monica said...

Sounds like he might be a bit studious like his daddy!

Tell my sweet godson I'm so proud of him, too. :-)