Sunday, December 07, 2008

Funny Quotes at Church Today

Isaac: We decided to move closer to the front during the service today because they were having the Christmas Pageant and the boys wanted to see a little better.  As we were walking, Isaac loudly pronounced, "I have BOOGERS in my ears!"

During Kids Chapel:  Jon was working with the kids and was giving them a training session.  He asked them if stomping on the floors was the correct way to walk through the church.  As Jon demostrated the stomping on the wood floors another child (not one of ours) pronounced loudly, "STOP that stomping!  It makes my privates hurt!"  

Ewan: Jon was telling Ewan that maybe he could be in a pageant at church next year because he'll be in Kindergarten.  Ewan looked at Jon and Jon continued, "You'll be six."  Ewan glared at Jon and exclaimed, "I'll be six-one hundred.  I won't be in a pageant."  We have no idea what that means.  It was funny, but maybe you had to be there. 


TheLudlows said...

I love kids- they always say/ do something that keeps us on our toes.

I've been meaning to ask- What's the difference between a mid wife and doula?

amelia said...

A midwife takes the place of a doctor and covers prenatal care and helps to deliver the baby. A doula helps the mom cope with labor and provides support to her....back massage, encouraging words, explaining any procedures/interventions that come up.

Allison said...

I suspect that Isaac totally got that ear booger thing from Jon. :)

amelia said...

Ha Allison!--He made that one up all on his own!