Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Knitting Projects

I learned how to knit back in March last year.  It has been slow going but I am learning.  At first I thought someone invented it to torture others but now I am enjoying it.  Finishing a project feels like a true accomplishment.  Being a stay at home mom, I don't really feel like I ever finish anything--there are always diapers to change, laundry to do, meals to plan, meals to cook, people to dress, stuff to clean, counters to wipe, pick up toys, you get the idea.  Knitting is something I can pick up and put down and when I finish a project it is done.  I love that feeling of finality.  So here is what I've been working on....

Ewan's scarf is red. I ran out of yarn so it is a little short for my taste but he doesn't seem to mind.  Ewan's favorite color is red and he has been asking me for a few months to make him a scarf.  I am proud to say that project took me about one week to do.  Slow for my other knitting friends who are super fast.  I was happy though!  As soon as I finished Ewan's scarf and gave it to him, Isaac chimed in and said, "But mo--om, I want a scarf too!"  As if I were depriving him of something terrible.  So we went and picked out some yarn that had GREEN in it because that is HIS favorite color.  Isaac's yarn is really cool and if he doesn't wear it I'm going to steal it.

These are baby leg warmers I'm working on.  The dark blue one on top is almost done.  I am going to make that pair a little longer than my first pair (which is the lighter blue ones on the bottom.  I still need to sew one together but it is finished.  I'm doing the dark blue pair on top in the round which is a new skill for me.  The bottom pair was done on straight needles and was easier but I really stink at sewing them together in a back stitch.
Here is one of the baby legs over a glass so you can see how it looks in progress.

And here is the sewn finished one on Grahammy.  He has tree trunks for thighs so it doesn't seem to stay up very well.  I think my next pair will have to be a little wider for him.
I like the way they look though!

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monica said...

Amelia--I am very very impressed. And the leg warmers--what an awesome idea. Being in south Texas, I've never heard of them.