Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Trees and The South

I went to a friend's house last week for my weekly small group Bible study and couldn't help but admire her Christmas tree.  It was at least 7 feet tall, so green, and perfect with its tree limb fluffiness.  It was so pretty I thought at first it was a fake tree.  Then I smelled that lovely odor a fresh tree has.  Absolutely beautiful.  

Somehow tree shopping and prices came up.  Okay folks from the south...do you know how much her beautiful, tall, perfect tree was?

$40.  That's right.  4-0 Bucks.  That's it.  

And not only that, but there are some places where you can get big, beautiful trees like that for CHEAPER--like $25 or $30 bucks.  

I had NO idea.  Down in TX a tree like that would easily cost $150!  

I'm not saying it is worth moving up here for but if you love Real Christmas Trees, this is the place to be!


Grace H. Lin said...

I'm allergic to pine (and pine nuts!) so we have a fake tree at home.

But I do appreciate the fragrant smell of pine =)

amelia said...

We do the fake thing too. We had a real one our first year of marriage but when I found pine needles for several months afterward I said, never again. Plus some people moved out across the street from us when we lived in our apartment and were tossing a fake tree. We took it!