Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hillbilly Baby

I love a baby in overalls.  Especially a baby in overalls without a shirt on.  

The big news is that Graham started walking right before his 15th month.  That means that ALL three boys started walking in their 14th month.  Weird.

Could those eyes BE any bluer?

I've had these overalls since Ewan was a baby!  I'll post one of him in these down below.

Git 'er done!
Playing chase.

Ewan in the same overalls drinking a smoothie.

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mamabrown said...

It's easy to tell that Ewan & Graham are definitely brothers!!! They certainly look like brothers don't they? What beautiful boys! Beautiful babies.

I think it is strange that all three started walking in the same month too....are you feeding them walking food beginning at 14 months or what?