Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why I Will Never Own a Yippie Dog...

I have lived in two houses where small, hyper, and obnoxious dogs live 2 doors down. At both houses these small dogs (yippie dogs) have had terrible habits of barking NONSTOP for hours on end in the middle of the night.

At our house in Anna our neighbor 2 doors down was a state trooper so it was a little intimidating to complain about their dogs. One night their dogs were barking at some ungodly hour in the middle of the night for well over an hour. Neither Jon nor I could sleep so he went down to their house and rang the doorbell and knocked several times but they never answered. We decided called the police and file a complaint. The police came by and had no luck getting them to answer the door either but he did leave a notice of complaint on their door. I heard a few months later that they got dog bark collars on their dogs. Every now and then their dogs would get out and go out in the corn fields behind out our house. If we were outside then the yippie dogs would come and bark at us from the other side of the fence.

Here in Pennsylvania, our neighbors 2 doors down apparently have a great love for shitzus because they have 8 or 9 of them. When one of the dogs gets out at the crack it decides to go into our backyard (which we have no fence) and bark incessantly at the houses or the wind or whatever. It seems as though it wants back inside its yard. This has happened a small handful of times. The other morning at 5:00 Jon and I were awakened by one of these shitzus barking: yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap....literally non-stop for over 30 minutes. I looked at him and said that someone should shoot that dog. We tried going back to sleep but couldn't and of course we were worried that the dog would wake up the boys. Jon decided to go and do something about it. He went to the house and tried calling the dog to him so he could plop it over the fence but of course the dog would have nothing to do with Jon. It just yapped at him. Then Jon noticed a gate and thought, "maybe if I open the gate the dog will go in and shut up...". So he opened the gate and guess what happened?

8 more dogs came running out the house yapping their eyeballs out. Finally, after all the commotion the lady that lives there came out and said, "What is going on?". She took one look at Jon and said, "Oh, did one of the dogs get out?" Jon just nodded his head and walked off. Why is it that (some) yippie dog owners can't hear their own dogs waking up everyone in the neighborhood?

It is true that any dog barking for hours on end is terribly annoying but for some reason the yippie dog bark makes my spine curl. I love dogs and am really wanting to get one--but I guarantee that it will not be a small yippie dog!


Grace said...

i have a "yippie dog" back at home. but he never barks for 30 minutes straight ... or even 5 minutes straight for that matter.

that is ridiculous and it would drive me up the wall too!!!

mamabrown said...

ANY barking dog is irritating to the extreme. You probably got the spine curling gene for barking dogs from your mother...I don't care if they are huge, medium, tiny, or peanut-sized dogs...the sound makes me want to record the barking,yapping, yipping, howling or whatever and play it back to the owners over a loudspeaker directly into their bedrooms especially after talking to the owners and pleading and begging and suggesting things to try and nothing happens. Maybe because the noise would wake you up at night and your father up during the day when he worked nights...enough of my rant. Thank goodness our neighbors don't have any barkers since our next door neighbors moved. I thought for the longest time their dog was named, "Bark," because that is what he did all the time. Silly me, the dog was named, "Bart" as in Simpson. Cute Springer Spaniel but couldn't stand to be without Mom or Dad being at home during the day or night or anytime.