Sunday, July 15, 2007

What is Your Job?

Ewan has this really cool book called Richard Scary's What Do People Do All Day? (As a side note this is his favorite book and has been for about 5 months. I put a link for amazon in case you are looking for a cool gift for a small child. He also has this other Richard Scary book that he loves too.)

Isaac found it today and wanted to read it before his naptime. The first segment talks about how everyone is a worker and tells you about some of the different jobs that the characters in the book have.

One part asks what YOUR mommy and daddy do. Ewan was reading with us so when I asked what is daddy's job Ewan answered:

"Cleaning the basement." Jon spent all day yesterday vacuuming the cobwebs and scrubbing the basement floor. (Another side note--I got teary when I saw him working on the basement because the dirtiness of it kind of creeps me out and I was so happy that he was cleaning it--AND to top it off I didn't even ask him to do it!)

And what is mommy's job?
"Cleaning the floors." I was hoping for something a little more glorious like teaching birth classes or taking care of us but for now it apparently is cleaning floors.

Ewan, what is your job?
"Picking up my toys." Good answer!

Isaac, what is your job?
He responded so matter of factly--"Watching TV."

I just laughed and said I think you
wish that was your job!

When I told Jon about our little conversation he said that in that scenario Isaac is the king of the house and we are his servants. Wishful thinking, kid, wishful thinking. I wish I could get some of these funny moments on video though because they are so funny and cute!

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Anonymous said...

That's my little guy. Watching TV. Goodness, aren't they creative. ;-)

Yes, you aren't in Texas anymore. And if ya'll ever run out of avacados up thar, jest let me know and I'll be mighty glad tuh send ya'll a bunch from San Antone.

luv, monica