Thursday, July 26, 2007

Move Over Johnny Cash, Elvis is in the Building!

As you may remember I have posted about how both the boys LOVE Johnny Cash. For the past 18 months the most frequent request in the car other than Veggie Tales was Johnny.

Ever since our trip to Graceland--where you remember we spent 36 dollars in 36 minutes, paying for parking and buying a CD--Elvis has been a hit. NOW the most requested music in the car is Elvis (click on Elvis to see what CD we got)-even over Veggie Tales.

I have enjoyed listening to Elvis a lot myself. I am struck by how versatile his music is--blues, gospel, rock...and so many of the songs are fun to sing along with or dance to. We do a lot of car dancing (You should try it sometime--have a contest to see who can be the silliest--I guarantee a lot of laughter. Jon usually wins.) After listening to the CD I can see why he was such a hit back in his day. His music was ahead of its time and some of the love songs are really good. His voice is quite pleasant to listen to. In fact I think I am going to put a few songs on my labor CD that I bring with me to the birth center.

We were on our way to Party City yesterday and when "All Shook Up" came on Isaac was singing along getting almost every word. It is almost like that kid has an old music soul or something!

The kids favorites are:
Thats All Right Mama
Baby, Let's Play House (The best part is in the beginning Elvis sings: Baby, baby, baby, oh, baby, baby, baby in that cool funky Elvis way. It gets a laugh every time!)
Return To Sender
I'm All Shook Up
Devil in Disguise

My added favorites:
Fever **My #1 favorite song**
A Little More Conversation
Bossa Nova Baby
Little Sister
(also one of Jon's favorites)

(The link I provided above will let you hear a snippet of the songs listed.)

I think we all enjoy the "old Elvis" selection more than the "new Elvis"--aka 50's and 60's Elvis over 70's Elvis.

We were at Half Price Books and I pointed out an Elvis record and asked the boys if they knew who was on the picture. "Elvis!" That's my boys!


Anonymous said...

That post just made me remember when my little guy was born and my mom bought him a tiny pair of blue suede shoes! Have a fun birthday party for the big big brother!!! love, monica

mamabrown said...

Elvis was one of favorites when I was a teenager. His music was so good and we all thought he was so handsome...those were the days. I always knew his music would "hold up" for years and years. It has, much longer than I thought. Your boys have good taste in music.