Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Belly at 33 Weeks

Well, there it is--The Belly. It is definitely bigger.

You can see how my bellybutton is popped out in the second picture.

I love how you see Isaac's little eyes poking through in the top picture.

No new stretch marks yet--but I still got 7 weeks left. We'll see if I get any. I only got a couple on my sides with Ewan and Isaac so I am hoping that I don't get any new ones--but if I do I will wear them proudly as my initiation into being a mom of 3.

I am one week away from 34 weeks--which is when Isaac was born. I find myself praying a lot that this baby will stay comfy until after August 17th. I am trying not to get nervous or worry about going early again. I don't think it will be an issue but every once in a while the fear creeps in.

I can't wait to see how much bigger the belly gets with this baby! I am going to try to take weekly pictures of the belly growth. I always wanted to have a picture every week but I am terrible about remembering to do it. Now that I am so close to the end, hopefully it won't be as hard.


Anonymous said...

You are SUCH a cute pregnant lady. I have always thought you so beautiful. And oh--to have X-ray vision to be able to see Baby Tex! Have Ewan or Isaac hug that sweet belly for me!

Love you, Monica

Jenny said...

Joaquin walked into the room when I was checking your blog and he said, "oh Tia! I want to see my Tia!" and climbed up in my lap to see your picture up close. Then over dinner he talked about how he wanted you to come over. We miss you. You look so good! Love you!

Grace said...

you look fantastic being 33 weeks pregnant!!!! =)

amelia said...

Jenny give Joaquin a big hug and kiss from his tia and tell him that I love him! That made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Anonymous said...

I tried to respond from home unsuccessfully. Your attitutude about potenial stretch marks is very positive and should be a lesson for all! The boys look so happy standing there next to your tummy and Tex.

Happy day!

mamabrown said...

What a sweet picture! The boys look so very cute, Isaac is cute peeking through the space to look into the camera. Surely there are no camera hams there....Ewan has such a sweet smile too. The BELLY is getting much bigger but the rest of you looks the same size as before the belly grew! You look wonderful! Extra hugs from Mom.

ceciliabrie said...

You're so beautiful! I love Isaac's eyes in that top pic, too. First thing i noticed, well, ok, second thing :) xo, b

nicapamela said...

you are a gorgeous mom, amelia! i got my first stretch marks when i gained the freshman 15 a little too quickly, and i can only hope that i will be able to take care of myself as well as you have if i ever have children.

amelia said...

Thanks Pam!