Saturday, July 21, 2007

Need Some Prayer

This past Thursday Ewan spilled some baby oil on the bathroom floor and when I went to clean up the mess some of the oil apparently got on the bottom of my foot. As I was going downstairs I slipped down about 5 stairs and fell square on my bum. I immediately felt a jarring of my pelvis/pubic bone and tailbone.

I tried calling the chiropractor I have been seeing on Friday but his office is closed on Fridays. Basically it hurts to walk, roll over in bed, get up from sitting, put on pants--pretty much any activity causes my pubic bone to hurt. This is called Symphysis Pubis Dysfuction. Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction is something that many women struggle with during pregnancy. I have experienced SPD with both previous pregnancies but not this severe.

I started having SPD pain early on with this pregnancy but had a chiropractor friend recommend a supplement called Ligaplex I which did WONDERS for my symptoms (which were fairly minor). It totally reversed my symptoms and I had no problems until Thursday when I fell.

I started going to a chiropractor that specializes in working with pregnant women about a month ago. I wanted to make sure that my pelvis was properly aligned during this pregnancy to prevent any other problems that might arise with my propensity to get SPD. I also ran out of Ligaplex I about 3 weeks ago and decided not to buy anymore since I was feeling so well and I am supposed to stop taking it around 36 or 37 weeks.

I have my next chiropractor appointment scheduled this coming Tuesday but I am in such terrible pain now that I need some extra prayer in the meantime. I am trying not to worry about everything being out of whack with my pelvis and am certainly limited in what activities I can do. The pain is bad enough at night when I roll over that it makes me tear up. I need some of God's healing and endurance. Any prayers would certainly be appreciated!



mamabrown said...

Praying, praying and praying. Love you. Get lots! of rest. Please don't worry about doing anything this weekend. Let Jon help you as much as possible so you can rest your pelvis. Wish I were there to help you. Mom

Anonymous said...

Dear Amelia.

Sorry to hear about the slip and tumble. I can't imagine that severe pain or concern about the alignment, yikes! But I will be happy to pray for HIS sweet release and that all things line up with His Word and plan!

Love U.

Darlene said...

Hey Girly, What a bummer! I will praying for healing. Thank you for my comments. I am going to call you tomorrow but will be praying and thinking of you in the meantime.

The Bull Clan said...

Praying that God would adjust that pelvis of yours for you. He's the best Chiropractor anyway!
Connie gave me your blog address, so I could read it:)

Do you have one of those preg. balls? If you haven't tried it to sit on it, you might? I had issues with my back and had to crawl to bed at times with pregnancies. If you need to bounce any thoughts off anyone, feel free to email me:) Also, you could check out our blog too:)

Love Karen Bull(Plano)

auntjay said...

You are in prayers! Let us know how you are doing. Love to all. Jay

amelia said...

Hey Karen!

I do have a birth ball and I sat on it a lot yesterday.

I am definitely feeling better today. Thanks to everyone who prayed because I think it is making a difference. I have a chiropractor friend who gave me a pubic adjustment exercise. it seemed to help but I think that God has been answering everyone's intercession for me.

I might have some questions about parenting more than 2 kids--haha! I'm going to check out your blog now :).

Sharon M said...

We'll keep you in our prayers.

Our friends the Walters gave us some good advice (they have 5 kids) -- "Once you hit three kids, everything's chaos."

amelia said...


I was going to ask you if you knew them because I saw their picture on the wall on Sunday. I figured you must know them....Small world.