Monday, April 09, 2007

The Zoo, Neighborhood Egg Hunt, and More

The last few weeks have been full with activity. We had a neighborhood egg hunt, went to the zoo, had a (mostly) fun weekend at my mom's house, Easter dinner at the Parkers, and a trip to the after hours pediatrician for Isaac (that is why mom's was mostly fun--that trip was included in her weekend package).

I taught my last Bradley class until 2008 last week. The couple in my current class moved back to Alabama so we did not finish the series. They had 3 classes left. I am going to send them what they need for the rest of the series but it isn't quite the same. They are a very sweet couple and I enjoyed our classes very much. I hope they can find a good provider there in Alabama. They were planning on a homebirth here but it is illegal in Alabama for midwives to practice so they have to go to a hospital for their birth. Hopefully they can find a provider that is very supportive of the kind of birth they want.

I am not going to teach this summer since we will be moving and settling into a new place. Then once the baby comes in August and Jon starts school I don't think I want to take on the added stress of teaching a class.

I have a pasta recipe I want to post soon so stay in tune. Enjoy the pictures!

Potty training update: Isaac is doing very well at going to the potty. He has only had 2 accidents in the past 2 weeks. He has started telling us when he needs to go to the bathroom and is doing very well at not having any pre-pee-pee dribbles in his pants. He still has not had a real poo on the potty but that is because he wakes up from night time or nap time with a poop and doesn't get a chance to go. Overall, I am very proud of him and think he is doing great at this milestone.


Grandma said...

Isaac is doing great with potty training. I am going to miss his little diaper-covered bottom in his jeans. I think that is so cute in little boys and girls. It makes them look so big until they turn around and you see the puffy diaper.... it's just so cute. Isaac likes being a big boy but Ewan is still THE big boy. You can't tell that I am just crazy about the Parker babies, can you?

Abu Daoud said...

Was thinking about possible names. They are mostly saint names, and mostly from what is now the UK, where I think your ancestry comes from, no?

Adam, Boniface, Columba, Alquin, Aelred, Constantine, Brandon, David (of Wales), Augustine (of Canterbery), Linus (of Rome, second bishop after St Peter), Clement (of Rome, also Clement of Alexandria), Patrick, Malcolm, and the first British Martyr, Alban, and finally Dunstan.

Hope some of those are vaguely interesting to you!

Anonymous said...


amelia said...

Abu-I have to give you props for some creative names!

We did consider Patrick but it starts with a "p" so our no PP initials ruled it out.

I have to give the thumbs down on Dunstan for sure--makes me think of a dunce hat! Plus, I am guessing that these are all names you are throwing out to Sharon? Hehe!

Anonymous said...

names---Cononel Quanah Parker---people would think he is an heir to kentucky fried chicken or that he is a member of Quanah Parker tribe--------------, crazy gramma gray