Monday, April 09, 2007

Dallas Zoo

Last year we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo on Good Friday. This year we went to the Dallas Zoo. It turned out to be a nice day--a little chilly for my taste but the sun was out.

Here is Isaac looking at a mouse. Okay, it is fake but it looks real.

Ewan and his cousin, Riley, are riding the kangaroos.

Woah! Look at those HUGE koi fish!

At the children's area at the zoo they have a shallow stream that kids can play in. Ewan saw older kids with their shoes off running around in it and wanted to join in the fun. Now, why you would want to run around with no sock and shoes on in 50 degree weather is beyond me. I thought it was a bad idea but Jon "convinced" me to let him do it. Okay, what really happened is that I said I thought it was a bad idea. Jon said he thought it would be fun. I said, fine then you deal with all the complaining of being cold later. Of course the only part of Ewan's pants that weren't wet was the bum. To his (and Jon's) credit, Ewan never complained of being cold the rest of the day. He did have a blast too. Sometimes daddy is more fun than mommy.

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Sharon M said...

Julian does the same thing. Last summer, when we were in Colombia, he wanted to go swimming EVERY DAY, even when it was sixty degrees and cloudy. He would be in there for an hour and his lips would be turning blue and his teeth would be chattering. Here's how our conversation usually went:
"OK, time to get out of the pool."
"But I don't WANT to."
"Sweetie, you're cold, your teeth are chattering."
"N-N-N-oo they're n-n-n-o-t."

And so on and so forth...

So, I think the excitement of water play totally trumps any possible discomfort they may experience from a little bit of cold.