Thursday, April 19, 2007

Please Pray


We are in Pittsburgh and in the middle of trying to figure out a place to live, how much $$ we have for housing (either buying or renting), insurance, where we can afford to have the baby, how much $$ we will be getting to live on from donors who want to support us in seminary, how long to stay here for seminary (2.5 or 3 years--in other words a more relaxed pace where Jon is around more often or a speedier pace that costs less financially but is perhaps more taxing on our family life).

I am overwhelmed at all the decisions that need to be made without knowing exactly how much money we will have to live on or practically how we will be living. We need God to work a miracle and sell our house in TX soon.

It does not help that I am pregnant and the nesting hormones are running rampant. We are leaving Pittsburgh this afternoon still without a place to live (as of 10am). We are hoping to get that part squared away by the time we leave but I want to know where we will live so I can imagine and plan where I am going to put furniture and get my nest ready before this baby comes.

Please pray for me to have peace in the Lord, to trust Him for our needs, for a lot of wisdom as it seems like we just have to make some decisions without knowing all the ins and outs of how everything will pan out.

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Grace said...

totally praying for the parker family. love you guys.

Anonymous said...

am praying...


mamabrown said...

Praying for all of you, my babygirl.

Dawn said...

God will work it out. Prayers & love. Dawn