Thursday, April 12, 2007

House Stuff

This is a picture when our house was still under construction 2 years ago. It looks pretty different now--landscaping and grass make quite a difference.
Anyway, we are moving in 2 months and our house has not sold yet. The market is sooooo slow and there is a large number of foreclosures in our area which we are competing with--not to mention the new construction behind our subdivision. They are FINALLY building the Brookshires grocery store right down the street from our subdivision so hopefully that will be a selling point in our favor.
Please pray that a)we get more people coming to see the house and b) someone will see the house, love it and want to live in it. It is a great house and floor plan. Our whole adventure to go to seminary is all in God's hands but I think we need some supernatural intervention.
We are going to visit Pittsburgh next week to find a place to live and do the school interview. We have a couple of options for housing to check out while we are there--one very promising. It is a rental house 1 mile from the school, 1 block from a farmers market, and 1.5 blocks from a great park. On the first floor it has a living room, dining room, bathroom (unsual to have a bathroom on the 1st floor for this area), kitchen and eat-in kitchen area. The 2nd floor has 4 bedrooms and full bathroom. The attic is finished and separated into 3 rooms. The basement is not finished out but for a house with this many rooms you don't really need to use it for storage. It has a fenced in backyard right off the kitchen too. It sounds perfect and I am already wanting to live there without seeing it. There are so many possibilities with this house--we could have a "reading room/prayer room" and put our bookshelves and chairs in it. We could have the tv room on the 2nd floor or a play room. Jon will have his own study in the attic away from all the other activity in the house.
We are still undecided about whether to rent or buy so please pray for wisdom for us on our trip next week. There is a lot up in the air--housing (here and there), cars, finances, where we are having the baby.....We need some prayer support.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a really nice house----all that room to heat and cool--to clean, maybe you will have a maid.- hope you get more lookers,and a buyer real soon--time goes fast sometime---

nicapamela said...

amelia, my roommate here in nicaragua is from pittsburgh, so let me know if you guys want to ask her any questions about anything related to the city. i hope some more folks come looking at your house!

amelia said...

I hadn't thought about all that cleaning....

Hopefully having toys consolidated into mostly 1 room will help with clutter. We had a two story in San Antonio and I really LOVE having a one story now. Unfortunately I don't think 1 story houses are an option in Ambridge.