Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Ear Infection Blues

Graham, a.k.a. "The Shoveler", falling asleep at dinner.  
He is nicknamed "The Shoveler" because he loves to eat.  Anything.  Anytime.  And he loves to shovel his food into his mouth.  Eating is a joy for him.  

I took him to the doctor today because he has had a cruddy cough for the past several days that was getting worse, not better.  He hadn't (as far as I could tell) been running fever and had been pretty chipper.  He didn't sleep that great last night which is usually a sign that worse things are to come.  I called the dr. and got an appointment for him for this afternoon.  The poor thing was diagnosed with 2 ear infections--AGAIN.  This is probably the 5th time he has had an ear infection in his 18 months of living.  

As we sat down to dinner he started getting pretty spacy.  He didn't even look at his food.  Or touch it.  Jon sits across from Graham and said, "Look, Graham is falling asleep."  I grabbed the camera, took a few shots, finished my dinner quickly and got him ready for bed.  

The fun part of the day was that Graham and the older boys all got their hair cut today after the dr. appointment.  I think Graham's hair is the shortest it has EVER been.  Shorter than when he was born, even.  He looks very cute--even with his pitiful, sleepy body.  

He should be feeling better in about 24 hours.  I think I got him into the office at the right time. If I had waited another day I think he would have been in a LOT of pain tonight.  

Now, if I can just get over the fact that the pediatrician we saw today laughed at me and was very patronizing then I'll say the day was a success.  Actually, I am over it--I don't like seeing that dr. at the office we go to but when you gotta get in for an appointment sometimes you gotta take what you get.  

As a side note, Graham is 31.5 lbs and is 35 inches tall. Ginormous!  His weight gain is slowing down (which is nice for our arms while we lug him around) but he is still growing like a weed.  


Grace H. Lin said...

what a BIG BOY! WOW!

Poor baby... ear infections are so not fun. He's awfully cute though - falling asleep right at the table! =)

Darlene said...

What great pictures. Bummer about the ear infections! We will pray for him tonight! He is such a cutie!!!a BIG cutie;)

Dawn said...

I have been down that road, too! Eli doesn't get ear infections now that he has tubes in his ears (an expensive solution, mind you!) - but his body is determined and now he gets sinus infections. Poor guy.

Lucy just got over her most recent ear infection. What is hard for me with these is that even just going back to follow up, we're charged another co-pay. So this Monday, our 2-minute checkup cost us another $25. I keep telling myself, it's good - 'cause we're making sure they're better.

But still.

amelia said...

I don't like going to those follow up appointments either.

Mimi said...

Like father, like son. I'll post the proof on FB! So sweet...