Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Boat Tour

We took a boat ride on a catamaran boat like the one below.  Except for the kids, Jon, myself, and Jon's parents all got a little green around the gills at some point.  We went from the southern coast of Kauai all the way around the west coast of the island to the Nepali coast and then back down.  It took several hours to get there and back.  Going up the coast was the roughest portion of the trip and I enjoyed the fresh air and being able to see out so I wouldn't toss my cookies.  It was beautiful though.  We saw whales, sea turtles, spinner dolphins, and a bottlenose dolphin.  We stopped to go snorkeling and the water was so blue you could just see them from the boat.  Jon went scuba diving, Connie and Deane took Ewan out snorkeling, and I stayed back with Isaac and Graham.  The boys liked going in the lower part of the boat (where all the adults stayed far away from due to the increased feeling of sea sickness while down there).  And Ewan knew that on boats the bathroom is called the "head". So, of course, he had to use the head and made sure that we all knew it was called that too.  We had lunch, lots of fun drinks--speaking of drinks--the bar was opened on the boat and I just couldn't help but think that boating and alchohol don't really mix--for many reasons.  One of the crew members joked with me that he thought I'd want a festive beverage for sure since I had all those kids.  I think the last thing the kids needed was a tipsy mommy helping them navigate themselves around the boat.  

Spinner dolphin next to the boat.
Humpback whale breeching.
Waving tail.
Baby humpback whale jumping out of the water.  The whales are there seasonally.  The mothers go there to birth their babies and stay for several months while the babies grow.  They drink up to 200 gallons of milk a day!  Once the babies are several months old they migrate where the mother then is able to eat.  She doesn't eat the whole time they are in the safety waters.
Jon back from scuba diving.  Telling a story.
When you are on a boat ride you get to drink fun juice--with high fructose corn syrup! What a treat!
Deane (FIL) back from snorkeling.
Scene from Jurassic Park.

Me and Graham.

Connie (MIL) with Isaac and a tired Graham.
Isaac looking out.
Jon's scuba instructor going over important details.
Graham conked out twice on the boat and this was his preferred way to sleep.  He wanted the hat over his face. 
More scenery.
Ewan and Jon pre-scuba dive.
What a (cleanly shaven) handsome husband I have!
Scenery, rough waters.

Chowing down on breakfast and enjoying the day.


Grace H. Lin said...

Your boys are so handsome.

Jon looks awfully pale in that one pic of him with the blue shades! The boys must love hearing him tell stories!

You look fantastic as usual, Amelia.

Carey said...

It looks like you guys had a blast. What an amazing experience for your boys and you too! The pictures are awesome too. I'm glad you made it to PoiPu beach and that it was sunny as promised. Seeing all your beautiful pictures of Kauai made me miss the island so much. You'll have to fill me in on some of your favorite experiences and places.

Anonymous said...

I worked really hard on that "Moon Tan," Grace. You should have seen the shades the others were wearing to protect their eyes from the glare! ;-)

Mimi said...

Great pics, Amelia!!! Lots of happy memories.

mamabrown said...

How beautiful! Everyone looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves! The picture of Graham with the hat over his face is so cute. The boys will love talking about this trip for a long time. Can't wait to talk to them. Your pictures are so beautiful and you got excellent pictures of the boys & Jon & the scenery & the other mammals in the water,Sweetie. Wow! Just really amazing!