Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Body Boarding

We rented a body board and decided to spend a few hours playing in the ocean with it.  Ewan thought it was great fun.  Isaac is still a little wary of the waves so he didn't want anything to do with it. Jon and I had our turns on it too.  It brought back a lot of great memories of going to the beach when I was a kid.  We just used a thick canvas blow up raft but it did the same thing.   

Every once in a while Ewan would have to get out of the water to warm up.  He doesn't have that much body fat to keep him warm in the cool water.  

Another memory builder.


mamabrown said...

Precious pictures of little Ewan with chattering teeth from the cold. He looks like he is having fun though. I'm surprised he wasn't Popsicle Blue before he would get out of the water to warm up!

Darlene said...

LOVE the pictures!! Looks like an awesome time!