Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Little Contest

I think that I might finally have a child that likes to draw.  So far, Ewan and Isaac haven't been into drawing for fun.  It is boring to them. They'd rather run around (Ewan) or play imagination games (Isaac).  Graham likes markers, pens, pencils you name it.  He likes to draw on his hand, the walls, and books.  I am trying to train him that we only draw on paper.  I know I'm squishing his creative outlets but I really don't my whole house to be a canvas for marker creations.

Ewan and Isaac never showed a lot of interest in drawing.  A little from time to time.  We'll see if his interest is a passing phase or something that sticks around.

We pulled up the little IKEA table from the basement so Graham could have a drawing place--or book reading place.  I took a few pictures so you could see him in all his cuteness.

So, can you guess which FRIENDS episode this picture reminds me of?


Dawn said...

Chandler's engagement picture?

Sharon M said...

Our little girl is the same way -- she's ALWAYS asking to draw! We have some of those Color Wonder markers left over from our son's brief interest in coloring, so she usually uses those.

Uh, as far as the Friends thing goes... I agree with Dawn?... I've probably only seen about 20 episodes all the way through.

mamabrown said...

Too cute for words! He is so adorable. I like his haircut too.

Anonymous said...

Dawn's got it!