Monday, February 23, 2009

Jon Turned 35!

So you can't tell what it looks like in the picture too well but Jon is holding a platter of Chicken Piccata that I made for his birthday.  It is from the Whole Foods Cookbook and soooooo delish!  We opened presents, ate some yummy food, and shared a little pan of brownies.  We also watched America's Funniest Home Videos while we ate the brownies.  It was a lovely evening.  


Kelly said...

Happy birthday Jon! Sounds like a great way to celebrate :) Blessings to you all

mamabrown said...

Happy Birthday Jon! What good dinner you had. It is one of my favorite dishes tht Amelia makes as well. Although it is hard to decide because she is such a good cook. Wow! Already 35 --- you don't know how old that makes a parent feel. Especially since we (parents in general) don't feel as old as we look!!