Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Learning and Playing

The new form of pillow fighting.

It made me laugh! 

Who says saxophone players can't just wear their underpants? 
They both were able to make some noise with the sax.

Ewan learned about music and instruments at school over the past few weeks.  Ever since they started the lessons Ewan has been begging Jon to get out his saxophone.  We had a family music night where we got out guitars, bass guitars, drums, shakers, and the sax and played along with music.  Ewan learned all sorts of facts about instruments and the names of the different parts of them. Like on a guitar, he knows what the bridge is, the neck, the sound hole etc.  He also told me that the part on the end of the guitar where you attach your guitar strap to wear over your body is called the "penis".  He said it so matter of factly as he was telling me all the different parts of the guitar that I thought he learned that at school!  He then told me he made that one up because it sticks out of the end just like a penis does.  Needless to say, I could not hold in my laughter.  And I had to admit, it sort of made sense!

Someone swiped a lollipop off the dining room table.  We do call him Swiper after all.
Isaac is pretending to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  Michaelangelo, I believe.  Those foam swords have to be "x-ed" just right.
Ninja Warrior.


Monica said...

I just love seeing how big they are all getting. Love the pillow fight play!

And that lollipop looks mighty delicious! I'd have swiped it, too!

hugs to all!

Sharon M said...

Beautiful pics of the boys! I loved the pillow fight ones the most :)

mamabrown said...

How funny! You are so good at catching them at the right moments on film. Isaac is so cute playing the sax and so is Ewan...the pillow fight made me laugh too...and Sweet little Graham just knows when to swipe a good thing. Do you think Graham taught Maggie this trick? Last night she swiped Tom's eggs right off his plate at the table. Good thing everything was hot or she would have eaten the whole thing....I don't like that habit she learned from Darren's hounds while we were gone.