Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Garden

Here is the garden. We don't have a fence in our backyard and this is in the back left corner of our yard. There is a small hill just beyond that tree you see and the hill divides our yard from our neighbors. We put the garden here because we have a GIANT walnut/somekindofunediblenut tree in our backyard and this is the sunniest spot.

In the pots are: large leaf basil, lettuce, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, small leaf basil
In the ground: yellow tomato plants, cherry tomato plants, chives, jalepeno, sweet pepper

In the rows from seeds: 4 corn plants, 2 pumpkin, 2 watermelon, 2 squash, a row of radishes, a row of peas, and half a row of okra

First fruits of the bell pepper

Pumpkin sprout

It is a 4X8 plot and I probably over planted but I think I will learn by trial and error. At the very least I think we will have squash, pumpkin, and watermelon vines spreading throughout the backyard. Hee-hee. Jon will have fun mowing around that! Hopefully we will see some "fruits" from all I planted. I also have a cucumber plant in a pot in the front yard (not shown).


Kelly said...

How I envy you your garden, Amelia! I don´t know what happened when I had kids, but something clicked inside, and now I want a flower garden, an herb garden, a vegetable garden...!!! What a great start you´ve gotten off to. Keep posting photos of the progress for me. I´ll live vicariously through you, and maybe you can share your trials/errors to help me whenever I FINALLY can embark on the Gardening Journey. Kudos!

TheLudlows said...

Can't wait to see if the afterbirth is the best Miracle grow out there! ;)
I hope you get a good harvest!

The Herd said...


Sharon M said...

I would love an herb garden... or just a yard for that matter. It's too hot to plant anything right now, so maybe it'll have to wait til next year.

mamabrown said...

Terrific garden, sweetie. You made the most of your garden spot! Wish you were here so we could plant a really big garden! You worked so hard and it looks great. Can't wait to see it with my own eyes. Love, Mom

gigglepotamus said...

Looks great! Can you come do this in our yard? :)