Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dove Family on the Porch

We had a dove family nest on our porch this year. Here is the mamma with her two babies, although I think you can only see one in the picture. She sat so still for days nesting and the daddy would bring her food.

Here are the babies. They grew huge in just a few weeks. The mamma would go off for food and then come back and vomit it into their mouths. It sort of looked like they were wrestling. Those birds grew really fast.

Eventually the mamma didn't come back to the nest for a few days so I don't know if she booted the babies out or if they ventured out themselves when she disappeared. She came back to show them how to hunt for food. I didn't get any pictures of that but I saw her teaching them. The babies hung around on the front porch for a couple of days and we got really close. The boys thought it was fascinating. They took pictures with their camera too.

I've never seen a dove nesting family before. When we were looking at housing last year I noticed a dove nesting on the porch so I think it is the same family coming back to nest. Pretty cool.


mamabrown said...

Dove are such sweet little birds. I love to hear them cooing in the mornings. Such a sweet sound --- reminds me of my childhood. Glad the mama bird nested close to you. It was a good opportunity for the little boys to see the whole process a mama and daddy go through to raise their babies. Sounds like they had fun takig pictures of the birds.

The Herd said...

That is sooo cool that you got pictures!!

TheLudlows said...

We had a dove momma on our balcony in our apartment in Austin. She was an attack dove. If we got to close to the sliding glass window she would dive at you. Your's sounds nice!

amelia said...

well, we did have a small incident with the daddy dove. jon has been repainting our porch and i guess the daddy dove thought jon was getting a little too close to his family and flew at his face. jon backed off and started painting somewhere else. birds flying at you are a little scary! other than that the mamma was docile.