Sunday, June 08, 2008

Beaver One, Beaver All!

We went to the zoo on Thursday and had a blast. It was a pretty warm day but it didn't deter us from having any fun. We saw lots of interesting things. A group of Amish families, two pregnant elephants due this month or next, a one armed monkey, a family of beavers, and a very interesting magnetic sticker on a car (see below).

I guess whoever owns this car has a lot of problems with it and made this sign. I thought it was pretty funny.

We had a late night the night before so we weren't originally planning on going to the zoo but when we looked at our plans for the rest of the weekend it was the only day we could go. The boys had a FABULOUS attitude the whole time we were out. They were worn out at the end of the day but had a lot of fun.

Texas, Texas, yee-haw!

They have Polar Bears at the Pittsburgh zoo and this what they use to trap polar bears when they get too close to humans. It turns out we have two polar bears in our family.

The Smooshers. Can you see his two top teeth?

Taking a napski with his foot propped up. Doesn't he look huge?

This was one of my favorite things of the day: the beavers. The male and female beavers had a litter of 6 babies and they were sooooo cute! It was the first time I have actually seen a beaver in real life so I was struck by how large they are. The babies kept getting in the water to swim and the mamma would go catch them in her mouth and carry them back to the shore. Over and over again. It was pretty cute. I didn't know that beavers parent their babies like that. I could have watched them for a long time but when zooing with small kids you can't linger at any one site for too long.

Two beaver babies.

Beaver baby practicing his chewing of sticks.

The one armed monkey. It can swing from branch to branch using its usable arm and tail. Cool to watch.

Daddy and son. Awwww.....


mamabrown said...

Wow! looks like everyone had a super good time! The pictures are great (as usual)and I can't wait to see Graham's teeth up close! He is just the cutest little baby! Well, not so little --- he is getting so big. The big boys look like they are having a wonderful time, too! What a good day to go to the zoo...perfect weather, The beaver babies are adorable too. How fun! Can't wait to see to come and see everyone again.

madison said...

i love the beaver pictures too. I would love to see some photos of you're house! where do ya'll live (i had to through in the ya'll to keep things texan).

ceciliabrie said...

Ewan the Polar Bear! I love it!!

Mimi said...

Great pictures!!! We may get a REAL close look at a live beaver in the wild....Aunt Grace said the beavers chewed up a tree at the back of the cottage and the cedar hedge in the driveway.......O CANADA!!!!