Friday, October 19, 2007

Some Things That Delight a Mom

When your 4 year old says, "Mom, Can I have more vegetables?" at dinnertime!

Or when your 3 year old says, "Mom, I have pee-pee dribbles, I need to go to the potty" and goes all by himself.

Or when your 4 year old wants an extra hug and kiss (genuinely, not just to procrastinate going to bed) at bedtime.

Or when your baby sleeps for 3 hours at night. (It is rare, but boy is it delightful!)

Or when your husband takes the baby at 7am and lets you sleep for 2 more hours.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to all of those, sweetheart! Of course, anytime your child says, "Mom, I love you," is special no matter what the age of our children. Moms are just so blessed by our children. I am blessed to have such a sweet "baby girl," even though she is a mom herself with three baby boys. It doesn't matter what her chronological age is, she is still precious to me and loved more each day. With love, Mom