Monday, October 22, 2007

Pimp My Ride

I never thought I would say this but,


We borrowed this van from some friends in seminary because we were hosting a fellow from Zambia at our house while he attended a missions conference. His wife gave him a list of some things to pick up while he was here in the States. I also needed to get a few things at the mall and our Volvo fits only the 5 of us. We don't have any extra seats for guests, hence this very cool van. Jon's mom is also coming today and we needed our family +1 to get around in.

When we told Ewan and Isaac we would be traveling in the van they were giddy. Jumping up and down giddy. They think this van is the coolest car ever. 10 years from now and I know they would have a different opinion.

This van is so cool because everyone can get in the side door and walk around freely. It is sooooo easy to buckle all the kids in because there is so much extra room. Someone could sleep on the floor if they wanted to. I have to admit that it is even tempting to feed the baby while we are driving because it sort of feels like an RV. I won't, don't worry. For practicality purposes, the van makes a lot of sense. In cold weather you don't have to stand outside while buckling in the kids. They have lots of leg room and let's face it-- It's cool in a vintage, 70's sort of way--even though this van was made in the 90's.

Don't hate me cuz I'm driving the coolest, gas guzzling, conversion van ever!

By the way, Stevie, thanks again for letting us borrow the van. We are all enjoying it!


Dawn said...

And how does everyone fit on that motorcycle? :) It's also really cool.

Sharon M said...

While we stayed in Denver, we got to borrow my mother-in-law's minivan (Chrysler T&C extended cab). I think at one point my husband remarked, "This van is cool!"

Oh my gosh, we have just officially become nerds.

On the other hand, the new Chrysler T&C IS cool. Swivel seats and one-touch fold-down backseats? I would totally love a car like that!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you, Sweetie, having room for everyone and all the "stuff" you have to have for kids (especially when you have coats, hats, boots, blankies, toys, snacks, etc.), you may need to get a small trailer for your car... love Mom

Anonymous said...

That does look like fun. I always liked riding in a van when I was a kid, too. I'm impressed you all fit into the Volvo. Is Ewan in a booster now? -monica

Darlene said...

Wow, and you use to be so cool.

amelia said...

Ewan is still in a car seat. It is a convertible one so that eventually he can just use a seatbelt in it. But it is still just as big as a regular one. I think it was God's provision that all 3 car seats fit in the back seat! Otherwise, we'd be screwed!