Monday, June 01, 2009

Fun Pictures

I'm avoiding posting about the miscarriage.  I have some things I want to say but tonight isn't the night--mainly becuase I'm starting this post at 10:45pm.  Why am I not in bed?!

I have some pictures that are much more enjoyable for me to think about right now.  And they are adding up on the computer.  May as well post them now while I'm in the mood.

On Memorial Day we went to a parade in a nearby town to celebrate.  We went with our friends and neighbors, the Prescotts.  

Everyone lined up waiting for the parade to start.
Old fire truck.
Vietnam Vets.
I'm not sure what this vehicle was but there was a guy on it shooting a cannon that was LOUD.  I think he really enjoyed scaring all the moms and making them jump 5 feet.
Cool biker dudes, and chicks.
Bagpipe band.  They were AWESOME!
And how do you keep a 20 month old entertained while all the cars, bands, dogs, police, firetrucks go by?  Let him chow down on lollipops being tossed out!  One for each hand.  Aw...the benefits of being the third child.

In case you've forgotten what kinds of things entertain 1 year olds....making a mess and moving messes from one place to another.
Naked cuteness reading a book?  I mean, how much cuter can you get!

Ewan and Graham were "helping" me work in the basement.  And by helping me, I mean taking things out of all the different sorting piles and leaving them on the floor in no order whatsoever.
This is me holding baby Noah.  One of the couples from my classes came by to show off their wonderful bundle of preciousness.  They came to my Monday night class last week and told their birth story and I got to hold him the whole time!  I was in baby love land.  They took this picture and made it look all cool.  

I'll post about how we are doing soon--miscarriage and moving stuff.  We moved up our date to leave Pittsburgh to June 18th.  That means we now have 17 days to get everything done!  YIKES!  On that note, I'm going to go unwind and do some emotional eating on the couch.

Cheers, and enjoy the pictures!


TheLudlows said...

Praying for you

Dawn said...

I absolutely LOVE the first pic - all three of your boys look adorable - strike that - all four of your boys look adorable.

mamabrown said...

I love the adorable pictures!!! What adorable cuteness the Graham is! No hamming it up while he was smiling at you reading - so cute in his birthday suit! Everyone looks like they are having a great time Memorial Day. Such a sweet, dreamy picture of you! Can't wait until you get here!!! Yippie!!

Florence said...

I am so sorry about Quatro. I'm glad that you can think of more enjoyable things too. Cute pictures!