Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Fun With Shaving Cream

Ewan had a great idea this morning.  "Let's get out shaving cream and put beards on all of our faces and take a picture!"  Everyone thought this sounded like great fun--except for Isaac who wasn't thrilled with putting shaving cream on his face.  We tried convincing him to participate to no avail. He did take some pictures of the 4 shaving cream faces though.  A neighbor came down to say hi and took a picture of all 5 of us.  I think when you pack for a move you have to have some good laughs in between!

Ewan looks like that famous painting in this picture.  

I highly recommend family fun with shaving cream!


Lyndsey said...


I guess you are moving super soon now! Have fun and happy travels!

Monica said...

haven't caught up with blogs in a while--was fun seeing dignified, happy Jon being hooded and then, just a few pics later, seeing his smiling face covered in shaving cream with the rest of the fam.

seriously can't wait to see you guys.