Monday, May 18, 2009

Jon is a Master!

Saturday we attended the graduation ceremony for Jon to receive his Masters of Divinity.  It was a great ceremony!

The above pictures are him getting ready for the procession. He has on a cassock and surplice and in his arm is his masters hood.  It kind of looks like he has on a clergy collar but it is just his shirt underneath the black cassock.  He will be getting ordained as a deacon later this summer and then will be allowed to wear the clergy collar.  

This is part of the procession.

Worshiping during the ceremony.
The class president offering some reflections on their time in seminary.
A very happy Jon to be graduating!
Filing in during the procession.

Jon won an award and won a 14 day trip to Jerusalem!  They give out 5 or 6 awards every year at graduation and Jon was one of the "winners". It was the one award that I was selfishly hoping he wouldn't win.  He has up to two years to take it.  This summer is pretty much out of the question although I think I'd rather him go while we have just 3 kids and not 4.  One of our friends won the same award last year and he hasn't taken his trip yet so they are scheming when they can go together.  Our friends are expecting another baby a few months before us.  Anyone want to come next summer and stay with me while Jon goes on his trip to help me watch the kids?  

One of Jon's professers, Grant LeMarquand is explaining the awards being given.

Jon is getting the award from the Dean President, Justyn Terry.

Justyn is calling Jon's name to come up for his degree.
The lovely hug that follows.

Getting hooded.
There he is, an official graduate!

I think he looks thrilled, don't you?

Here is the recessional.  Those peeps are most of Jon's professors.

Graduates and faculty getting a class picture taken.

Sharing a celebration moment with Ewan.

Family photo at graduation.  Graham was super cooperative during the pictures.  We had a hard time getting good pictures of the older boys.  Or in the pictures that they did look good, I looked terrible.  And since this is my blog, I don't want to post any crummy pictures of myself. Hee-hee.  
We are all super proud at Jon's hard work!  


TheLudlows said...

Congratulations Jon!!!

Marguerite said...

Congrats Jon!!

Sharon M said...

Wonderful news! Any chance you could bring the whole family here to Israel? You can drop the kids off here in Naz and we'll watch them (well, you'd probably want to take Quatro with you). Just an idea... plane tickets would be pretty expensive though, so maybe not. Oh well!

amelia said...

Sharon- That would be fun to take everyone and drop off the kids in Naz! His scholarship includes 1000 for airfare--probably not enough to cover the whole family. I did think about that though :)

Dawn said...

Congrats, Jon!!

Grace H. Lin said...

Congratulations, Jon! Great job finishing so quickly too!

mamabrown said...

Congratulations, Jon! Terrific accomplishment in a short period of time! You look very handsome in your pictures. Of course, all the Parker's are photogenic. Amelia, you look great! Wow! your hair is getting long again! Graham looks happy as a clam. Looks like Ewan was a little tired, maybe and so did Isaac. Of course, I would love to volunteer whenever you need me to come. "Have Bags,Passport, and Will Travel."

Darlene said...

Congrats Jon!

Love the last picture of Ewen..too cute.

Your hair is getting long!

ceciliabrie said...

I get so excited seeing Jon in his robes! It really feels like his "proper" uniform...and maybe Ed & I will come stay with you some next summer :)