Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Countdown

Cook for the staff appreciation lunch at Jon's school. (yummy carnitas!) Check!

Senior dinner. Check!

Pick up in-laws from the airport. 2 hours.

Try to wait patiently for Jon's last paper to be finished.  Still trying.

Baccelaureate service. 2 days

Graduation!  3 days

Pack, sort, sell....pack, sort, sell....pack, sort, sell, store.....4 days!

First midwife appointment. 7 days

Head to Texas in the van. 49 days


Lyndsey said...

You must be so excited! I can only imagine how tough it will be to pack for such a big move!

mamabrown said...

Can't wait til you get home to Texas before the big move to Durham, England. I will try not to look at the calendar when you get here so I can enjoy every moment you are with us and not dread the date you actually leave for Durham (just because it seems so far away but, in reality, the world is not nearly as big as it once was without air travel). Just wish there were ways to just "blink" oneself over for a visit, or enter a wormhole at your front door and instantly you arrive at your destination within nanoseconds.

Monica said...

am praying for you, friend. remember God is already where you are headed, preparing each step of the way. such a grand adventure!