Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Please Check This Out!

Hey everyone!

One of my friends, Amanda, had a vision to start a website for moms that would be encouraging and a place to help each other out with mommy issues. Basically it is a place for moms to come and share their experiences and their questions. She launched the site back in September and asked me to be a contributing writer. There are 4 of us who write for the site and we cover all kind of stuff: tips and tricks, what works for us, product reviews, current events, how-to's etc.

It has been really fun to be part of an online community of moms and to learn more about being a better mom. I hope you come and check it out! Tell your friends about it too!



The Herd said...

When I check the site out, it says it doesn't I doing something wrong?

amelia said...

I had the link saved wrong. I'm gonna fix it!

The Herd said...

Thanks...I got it to work if I copy and paste:). What a great idea! Thanks!