Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Graham 7 Months

Here is Graham's 7 month picture. He is doing great these days. He is pushing up on his hands and knees for about a second. He rolls anywhere he wants to. He likes to play "baby scream" back and forth with any willing participant. He screams a cute little growly yell and then smiles and waits for you to do it back. He also loves any game involving tickling, kissing, and zerberts/bloochers. He loves to listen to his brothers play while he is being rocked before his nap. He can be all cuddly and relaxed while he is being rocked before a nap and as soon as he heard his brothers his head pops up and he looks and looks for them. He likes to say "dadadadadadada" and explore small objects that end up on the rug. He is napping well and doing sleeping for longer stretches at night. He sometimes only wakes up one time at night to eat! I can't believe that he is closer to being 1 now than he is to being a newborn. And no matter what I do to his hair it looks poofy by the end of the day! That kid just has some CRAZY hair!

I had to add this picture because Jamie and Eric Teague sent this shirt for Graham and he is about to outgrow it. It is such a cute shirt and I wanted them to see him in it! In another month that shirt will look like he is trying to be "Gus-Gus" the mouse from Cinderella. Thanks Teagues for such a cute shirt. He may have been born in Pennsylvania but he is still a Texan!

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