Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Still Here

I am working on writing a post about circumcision....I think the title will be something like

Circumcision: Why I don't advocate it but did it anyway

Other news:
I love our community here! We have had so many meals brought to us by new friends and tons of offers to help out in any way we need it.

I am part of a women's small group that I already love. There are 6 of us...some moms, married, single, spouses of seminarians, seminarians, or former seminarians-- all in different stages of life yet we find ourselves here in Pittsburgh all connected through the seminary. I am looking forward to being stretched in my faith and sharing my life with these women.

Graham is doing well. He is quite the snuggler and loves to sleep on the next available person. I have an awesome sling called the Moby Wrap that I use to carry him around in. More on that later...

Ewan and Isaac are doing great in this transition to a new baby. Isaac has warmed up to Graham and today offered to help me "squish milk in Graham's mouth". I'll spare you the details but he was being sweet by wanting to help me feed his brother.

Ewan started preschool last week and LOVES it. We decided to send him to preschool for a variety of reasons. I have not been in favor of sending the kids to preschool but after considering Ewan's needs we decided that it will be a good thing for him. Ewan will be a very young kindergartener and we felt like it would be good for him to have some experience in school before he has to go every day, all day next year. It is possible that we could hold him back a year but it is too early to decide now. He goes to school M,W,F for 2.5 hours and the program he is in is very play oriented. They do work on writing letters, letter sounds, numbers etc. but all centered around play. Ewan likes to show me his papers and projects when he gets home and tell me about what he did at school. His favorite thing, of course being the extrovert he is, is playing with his friends.

The baby calls for food and I am ready for bed.

That post on circumcision will be coming soon.

Thanks for praying for our illnesses by the way. I am feeling much better as is the rest of the family. The only person who avoided getting sick was Graham. The wonderful benefits of breastmilk!!!!

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Kelsey said...

Sounds good. I'm so glad that you're getting more connected... that is such a blessing.

I had to tell you that I was just reading someone's blog documenting the "slightly traumatic vaginal delivery" of their 9lb baby! (I'm not being cruel here intentionally, if her birth was traumatic I am empathetic, it's just that it struck me as funny). I thought to myself when I read that line about the baby's weight, "ha! Graham weighed almost 12lbs!"...
So, is that what it's like? It's kind of like a badge of honor... for the rest of your life you have this little secret that you can just throw out there if people are talking about childbirth... "yeah, I know, it was a little hard to give birth to Graham, you know, because he was almost 12lbs." you can say it all casual and then just wait for their mouths to drop open.
That is nice.... :)