Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Pictures

This was taken today. Isaac is very sweet with Graham and like to "give him a gentle pat" on the head. His words, not mine.

Hanging out on the porch swing.

I let Graham sleep on his tummy during the day. (I know, Gasp!!!) I keep him downstairs in the pack and play to sleep for n0w. Eventually he won't be able to sleep through all the commotion but if he can get used to the noise it will be good for him. Graham doesn't sleep well on his back and I don't have the patience to keep putting him back to sleep after only sleeping for 20 minutes on his back. I have too many other things to do during the day. He sleeps on his back or side next to me at night. I am still nervous about letting him sleep on his tummy during the day but I am around much more often to check on him. At night when he is sleeping I am sacked out. You can't see it too well in this picture but his hair sticks straight up. He wears a fohawk very well.

Here he is freshly bathed. His hair looks really pretty after it is washed. It sticks up everywhere until it gets oily.

I thought this was a cute picture of Isaac. Wouldn't you be impressed if I told you he made that all by himself? He didn't. Ewan got some Tinker Toys for his birthday and they like to make the monorail. We were enjoying the afternoon weather and playing on the porch. We figure we better get all the outside time in nice weather while we can because winter is coming soon!


Anonymous said...

I've been itching for new pics. And these are so great! His hair is light like Isaac's but it sure sticks up like Ewan's used to! Oh, how fun to be in the Parker house these days...sleeping babies, porch swings, tinker toys, mohawks... :-)
love and miss you, monica

Spike said...

Love the spikey hair-- too cute! -Andrea